Our Products

Roof Trusses
With the software and fabrication technology we possess today, the limits as to what we can design and build has greatly increased. Our truss design staff ensures that our roof packages, no matter how complex, are as framer friendly as possible and include all the information you need regarding installation. We supply roof trusses for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings.
Floor Trusses
Open web floor trusses offer a level of design flexibility unlike any other floor framing product. They can span greater distances, requiring fewer beams, and be built with a variety of end details to suit your application. The open web configuration allows you to easily conceal all the heating, plumbing and electrical within the floor system. You can also bury the beams within the floor system, providing for a completely flat ceiling.
I-joists are a more economical option than open web floor trusses. But they don’t have the same level of design flexibility as open web floor systems. They have superior strength and are easier to work with than conventional lumber. We stock I-joists in 9-1/2” and 11-7/8” depths but can special order in deeper joists if required.
Tall Walls
The National Building Code of Canada only provides for the construction of walls up to 11’-10” high. Walls that are taller than that need to be looked at by a design professional who will take into account the location of the building (for wind data), the type of finishing on the exterior of the building, the size of openings in the wall, and the loading from the roof. At Gang-Nail we can provide you with tall wall solutions using our specialized software. We can then supply you with the engineered studs and columns as required to complete your project.
Metal connectors are often required and supplied as part of our floor and roof packages. They are used to connect 2 or more framing members together. Our connectors are supplied by USP, who are leaders in their industry and offer an extensive variety of products to suit every situation.
Engineered Wood Beams
Engineered wood beams are commonly supplied as part of our floor and roof systems. They have far superior strength qualities over their conventional lumber counterparts. We primarily supply Gang-Lam (LVL) beams as they offer a great deal of design flexibility at affordable prices. We also supply Westlam beams for projects where the beams are exposed and need to be more visually appealing.
Gang-Nail Posts
Gang-Nail Posts are stronger, straighter, and lighter than solid sawn posts. The combination of structural adhesive with hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails and exterior press-on plates at butt joints makes the Gang-Nail Post a one-of-a-kind "mechanically fastened" structural and economical laminated wood post. The posts are constructed with #2 & Better SPF lumber, with the bottom and below grade portion pressure treated with CCA-C preservative. The posts are fully customizable to your needs, and come in standard sizes of 3 and 4 ply 2x6 and 2x8.
Support Posts
Posts are required in many projects where intermediate support is necessary. The USP Type 2 Black Jack and Red Jack posts offer heavy duty adjustment assemblies for heavy loads. They have a square, modular design for the greatest job site flexibility, and are easy to accurately cut to size. The posts are easily adjustable using a rod or rebar through a 9/16" Hole. Top plates and column caps are available for additional bearing capacity.
The Tstud™ is an engineered building product that uses two lumber members, an internal truss system, and (optional) frothed-in-place closed-cell foam to form a thermally broken, insulated wall stud assembly. The Tstud™ addresses 5 major construction concerns: thermal breaks, structural strength, wind loads, sound transmission and fire/life safety. More information can be found at tstud.com.